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In 1955, retired cirucus artist and performer, Jesus Vazquez decided to dedicate a new chapter to his life. With years of experience and deep-rooted knowledge in the construction of circus tents, Vazquez opened the tent-manufacturing company Vazquez Custom Tents, originally known as El Palacio de las Carpas.


The company has supplied custom fabrications of circus tents to the biggest names in Mexican traditional circus such as Circo Atayde Hnos, Circo Union, Circo Bells and, of course, the original Circo Hnos Vazquez


His son, Rafael, after years of performing in the circus, joined him in 1982, mastering the art of circus tent fabrication. Rafael Vazquez continues the legacy, expanding the business to supply international circus companies throughout all of Central America, South America, the Carribean Islands, and the United States.


Having the experience of traveling and performing in circus big tops around the world, the Vazquez family cultivated first-hand expertise of fundamental reinformcements necessary for these tents. Each and every design is constructed to withhold vigorous repeated use and any and all inclement weather that is inevitable to any circus.





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